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Dear Delegates,

“Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding”

~Albert Einstein

Ensuring international peace and security in cyberspace is currently one

of the most prevalent topics of discussion due to the plethora of

cyberattacks that threaten countries’ stability and overall sustainable

development.The United Nations (UN) system acknowledged the need

to ensure international peace and security have to focus particularly on

securing critical cyber infrastructure and information and communications

technologies (ICTs) that dominate everyday life. The threat not only stems

from possible escalation of cyber warfare among states but also

criminal and terrorist activities in cyberspace.Terrorist organizations use

the cyber sphere to spread their messages, mobilize human and financial resources, and to directly attack critical infrastructure, such as hospitals, water systems, energy, or financial services, to harm states and their people. National policies, international agreements as well as other initiatives addressing
cybersecurity that are being proposed and launched by different international, regional and national actors may vary considerably in their scope, aim and success, but they all underline the international dimension of cybersecurity.
Therefore, the agenda of this year’s DISEC will be:
“Formulating a comprehensive approach in addressing cyber warfare with special
emphasis on increasing cyber security”
While the agenda offers a very wide scope of debate, the delegates are expected to
bring in their thoughts in the committee with lucidity, passion & content-heavy
speeches highlighting substantive points.
With that we sciencrely hope that JYC 2022 is a memorable experience for you.

Warm Regards,
Executive Board - DISEC

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