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Agenda: Journalist safety on and off field with special emphasis on the increasing number of journalist deaths

Greetings delegates,
The roots of the modern society are sheathed by the

misdemeanours and immorality of capitalists and politicians.

The concealed lawlessness of the world has to be unveiled,

which are often demeaned off revelation. This year at JYC’22,

the journalists with their potential to uncover and report on issues

of international importance would divulge the 6 feet under.

The international Consortium of Investigative Journalist will dig

in on the ever hidden, concealed conspiracies of “the perfect world”

, investigate on the most vigorous debates of stratagem. Faced by

the continued crisis nature of the committee, the journalist would

have to act fast, and yet be in the most moral form- true journalist

and report veracious facts. From the works of the some other the

most important leaks, and the most spectacular speculations, the

consortium has ever lasted to bring in the limelight, the earthed.

We would want to experience the truest face of journalism at the

committee, in the preponderance ethics and ethos whilst of

dodging though the crisis over-thrown ever after.
“The Kaboom. The investigation. The Reveal.”

Kind Regards,

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