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Greetings Delegates,

The international press corps resonates the anthem of free and

independent press at a global level which has no foundation of bias and

We are all here, to generate ideas which can mobilise the masses in a

way, which is impeccable and integral. You need to understand the

power of the ink, which can preside by any fervid mind, in a matter of

minutes, therefore it is extremely crucial to understand the inevitable

role of press in conferences and create reports which echoes the power

of press containing articles and artworks which give the readers food

for thought combined with well-placed satire. Remember, in committes

an ideal press representative is a keen observor standing firm against prejudice and indoctrination during simulations of international organizations and whose think-tanks requires more research and presence of mind than an international delegate.
In other words, delegates will be responsible for reporting the conference’s occurrences with clarity and objectivity, holding the delegates accountable for their inconsistencies and decisions. By the end of the committee sessions, Press Corps reporters would have had the opportunity to interview prime actors of the committees, write news articles and editorials, conduct press conferences, and design creative content for social media.
I am excited to see how you will explore the many different areas that this committee has to offer. Even though you will not be writing working papers or resolutions, you will be investing similar time and effort in your news pieces and editorials; the same can be said for the time you will dedicate to elaborating questions for the press conferences.



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