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ayaan malhotra

Greetings Young Trailblazers

“Ending poverty and ensuring sustainability are the most defining

challenges of our time. Energy is central to both of them”

In great anticipation of coming across possible solutions for the same,

with immense jubilation we welcome you to the Lok Sabha to deliberate

upon the "Power crisis in the country with special emphasis on

Coal shortages".
India is currently undergoing a power crisis since October 2021 due to

the dwindling supply of coal which is the primary source of electricity

generation. Coal reserves are critically low in 12 states.

This is compounded by the heatwaves across the country.

Moreover, the increasing demand of electrical devices has raised

the need for more electricity generation. The post-COVID wave

economic activity revival and higher household incomes mean that people

are buying not just more digital devices but also investing in EVs that in-turn need more electricity to run. The demand for electricity is high in the months of April to October, due to which it is common to witness a crisis this year it has aggravated due to the increase in global coal prices and supply disruption. The thermal power companies are facing shortage of low ash coal because of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war as they were unable to get coal loads from Russia. The crisis comes at a time when demand for electricity is high due to heatwaves in several north Indian states. The electricity demand in the fourth quarter of FY2022 was 187 GW, while it was recorded at 194 GW between April 1-12, 2022. To put things in perspective, the domestic power demand in the first half of April was at a 38-year high. With coal stocks drying up and import costs spiralling out of control due to geo-political tensions in Europe, the power crisis has deepened. In recent times, Higher oil prices and coal shortages have risked fanning inflation and slow economic growth in India. A lack of coal means factories could shut, while forcing India to import more fossil fuels at a time when crude prices at a seven-year high are already weighing on the energy hungry nation. The threat of
inflation and worsening external deficit have led to a 12 basis-point surge in the nation’s benchmark bond yields over the past and a decline in the rupee. In April, India witnessed acute power shortage due to unavailability of coal supplies, with more than 100 million units (MU) of energy shortage on eight days over the course of the month. The situation is critical and demands to be addressed immediately, thus the Lok Sabha would hope for you all to come and terminate the issue and meliorate the Nav Bharat’ and a developed nation we all hanker and aspire for.


Within your reach

Lok Sabha

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