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Greetings delegates!

The United Nations General Assembly Sixth Committee is one of

six main committees of the General Assembly of the United

Nations. It deals primarily with legal matters and is the

primary forum for the consideration of international law and other

legal matters concerning the United Nations.

Responsibility to Protect has become a paramount fundamental

duty of member states in contemporary world.

On moral and ethical grounds, it becomes the responsibility of

every nation to protect  from crime against humanity and

transgression of their basic human rights. Since 2005, the United

Nations has endorsed ‘Responsibility to Protect’ or ‘R2P’

which inherently make member sates’ fundamental duty to protect

human dignity and integrity, even at the cost of military intervention. 
Though, Article 2(4)3 of UN Charter delineates non-intervention as its rudimentary meaning and makes invasion or intervention illegal in any scenario; however, Article 514 of Chapter VII of United Nations Charter gives inherent right to member states to act militarily in self-defence against any aggression. Since this article is vaguely defined, it gives member states a prerogative to launch a military intervention at the prospects of aggression from another member state. Not only this, various other prospects such as 'right to rescue' also establish grounds for an intervention. 

Through this, military intervention threatens the Westphallian sovereignty of states which has become a major concern leading to deliberations upon its framework and regulation. The modern and contemporary world has witnessed this in Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Kosovo and East Timor; each of them having its corollary effect on the international politics. While East Timor and Kosovo have had a positive impact on the populace, the ramifications of the same in Iraq and Libya have been devastating.

This committee would seek to establish a framework for military intervention which protects both the sovereignty of the state and dignity of the human life with the aim of rebuilding and not restructuring the state.

See you at the fall:)
Happy Researching!

At your disposal
Executive Board

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