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Greetings Delegates,

A proxy war is a battle between two states or non-state actors in

which one or both are acting at the behest of or on behalf of other

parties who aren't directly engaged in the hostilities. A conflict must

involve direct, ongoing interactions between outside parties and the

belligerents in order to qualify as a proxy war. The relationship

indicated above typically manifests as financing, military training,

guns, or other types of material support that help a belligerent party

maintain its war endeavour.The ongoing crisis in Syria is frequently

referred to be a collection of parallel proxy wars between major

international and regional players, particularly the US and Russia,

Iran, and Saudi Arabia. Historically, the monarchy of Saudi Arabia,

which is also the place where Islam was created, regarded itself as

the head of the Muslim world. A new state, a sort of revolutionary

theocracy, was established in the region as a result of the Islamic

revolution in Iran in 1979, which directly sought to spread this model beyond its own borders. The disparities between Saudi Arabia and Iran have been more pronounced during the past 15 years in particular due to a number of circumstances. Saddam Hussein, a Sunni Arab leader who had been a significant Iranian foe, was overthrown by the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. As a result, Iran lost a significant military counterweight. It paved the path for a Baghdad government dominated by Shias and increased Iranian influence in the nation.2011 brought about political unrest across the Arab world as a result of protests there. Mutual mistrust increased as Iran and Saudi Arabia used these upheavals to further their influence, particularly in Syria, Bahrain, and Yemen.
This conflict is still being played out today through proxies. While they do not actively engage in combat, Saudi Arabia and Iran are involved in a number of regional crises where Saudi Arabia finances and supplies weaponry to one side while Iran does the same for the other. The conflicts in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq are among them. The battles in these four nations had the potential to develop spontaneously, but due to the meddling of these two big powers, the conflict has worsened and claimed the lives of far too many innocent people.
The executive board is excited to welcome this distinguished meeting at the fifth Jodhamal Youth Conclave. The committee should engage in lively discussion that is informative and highlights the importance of the current agenda. We can’t wait to watch you all succeed in making this committee a rousing success.



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